Tent Liner Sale from Marianne's Rentals

Posted 9/21/2021 by 7.
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Photo: Ryan Ray


During the months of October, November and December, Marianne’s Rentals is offering a 35% discount on tent liners to new customers who are renting a tent and customers who currently have a tent rented that wish to purchase a liner as well!


When you envision dreamy, tented weddings, a tent liner probably isn’t what initially comes to mind! People often breeze past tent liners in conversation, but once they see a photo of a tented event that’s been properly lined - or better yet, attend an event with a lined tent - they’re in love! So, what is a tent liner and why do you need one? A tent liner is a drape-like liner that is fixed to the interior roof of a frame tent. A tent liner serves many purposes:


  • Creates a finished look to your overall event
  • Hides the framework of the frame tent
  • Hides electrical wires
  • Creates a soft, cloud-like aesthetic
  • Adds dimension to the ceiling
  • Works well with special lighting
  • Adds an elegant touch to any event


A tent liner isn't the only way you can enhance your tented wedding look... Customers often pair a tent liner with side panels or draping to really complete the look!


Give us a call today for a quote on your tented event & take advantage of our tent liner sale. Not convinced yet? Scroll below to see some tent liner inspiration from Marianne’s Rentals!



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