Style Inspiration: Deco Boho

Posted 4/16/2020 by 17.
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The Meinders Hall of Mirrors is one of our favorite classic ballrooms and we were privileged to do a lot of amazing events there last year. When Designer Gracie Storey approached us about a bohemian concept in this space, we were intrigued by the opportunity. The goal was to use color and texture to create a bold, out of the box design for the traditional antique space. The result was unique and as cheerful as it is romantic. We hope you'll be inspired to think out of the box about color and texture too!

Those familiar with the room, know its strong architectural features include beautifully painted architectural features in shades of brilliant turquoise. Using that as an accent color in our palette, we chose warm corals, golds and mauves to create an eclectic, romantic color scheme that lent itself to the variety we wanted to bring in that bohemian feel. 

Nowhere was this better illustrated than in with our cake on center stage! This sunny yellow perfection by Mishelle Handy was brilliant against the historic backdrop. The cake sits atop a Mauve Velvet Linen and color bistro linens in Linsen Serandite and Pandora Canary flank it. The perfect space for celebrating with toasts and cake, practical pieces can turn into stunning details when designed with care and executed with flair!

But, of course, it's the tabletop details we can't get enough of.  Glittering cut crystal Melodia glassware pared with Aurora Blush wine represents the decadence of Deco with the sweetness of boho romance. And candlelight is the perfect bridge between the two styles. Our designer tied in the turquoise accent with tapers in our vintage crystal candlestick collection (not online at publication). Mixing glassware, dishes and linen colors on the table helped create the eclectic boho vibe while supporting the formality of the ballroom.

And it's not just the details that made us swoon. The overall impression was just perfect. Those windows are unparalleled in Oklahoma City! Seeing our Iris Chairs in this setting was a true pleasure. This image is also a great example of how a grand space like this can really handle bold colors and textures without being overwhelmed. 

We had so much fun with our products in this space that we actually shot two concepts that day. For a more formal, but equally beautiful inspiration, visit this post!

Image: Ashley Sunderland | Design: Gracie Storey | Florals: Trochtas | Cake: Mishelle Handy Cakes | Venue: OKC Civic Center | Gown: Chantilly Couture | Tux: The Wardrobe | Hair & Makeup: Marlo Haus