Spark Conference Concept: Part 1

Posted 2/26/2020 by 40.
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Eventures, Inc. is one of our favorite clients. Their ability to concept and produce corporate and social events at scale makes providing rentals a pleasure and we always love being selected to compliment their own impressive inventory. We partnered with them to execute the Spark Convention concept at the OKC Fairgrounds and found ourselves collaborating with the best team! 

The right rentals and lighting can transform a well thought out space for multi-use. Even more key is the right vendor mix to successfully execute a multi-use application, especially when timelines are short. The above dinner setting is fully flushed out with Eventure's Cameleon Chairs, Stage, Trussing and Lighting by Toucan Productions and AV by CNS Productions. The truth is several of these categories can be provided by overlapping vendors, including us! But clear event production assigns the right roles to the right people, in the right situation. 

Here, the stage is used for a conference presentation. If you know him, you won't be surprised to find that Steve of OKC Entertainment is a dynamic and entertaining speaker presenter!

An expert panel discussion followed. A few well-placed furniture pieces were brought in for a quick stage transformation for this next part of the agenda!

Watching the Eventures team execute with confidence and style was a real pleasure! Not only did they plan with ease, but it all paid off with effortless production!

And conference attendees were treated to an amazing after party! For added value, the stage furniture was repurposed for a modern lounge featuring lit bistros and our contemporary Avenue Bar and Essex Shelf.

Turn down the lights, amp up the music and this group was ready to party! What a total transformation of the same space from one mood to the next. We couldn't be happier with every detail of this event. Stay tuned for Part 2 when we feature the trade show portion of the concept, showcasing creative booth displays that will spark your imagination!

Design: Eventures, Inc. | Lighting: Toucan Producation | DJ: OKC Entertainment | Audio and Video: CNS Production | Panel: CNS Production