Our Favorite Tented Events

Posted 7/20/2021 by 7.
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Photo: Aaron Snow Photography


Tented events hold a special place in our hearts. Over the years, Marianne’s Rentals has provided wedding tents Oklahoma for wedding and events alike. What we love most about tents is how versatile they can be. From tidewater tents to timbertrac and clear top… Not all tented events are the same! Each tent structure style carries its own vibe, yet the white - or clear - top and sides create a perfectly blank canvas for couples to really show off their personalities. We can’t wait to show you some of our favorite tented events, so keep scrolling for all the good stuff!


Photos: Magnolia Adams


This tidewater tent created the perfect ambiance for Adrian and Indigo's garden wedding! Crisp, white linens and chairs kept things bright and cheery - as did the fun tabletop arrangements! A more natural, laid-back vibe was acheived by using the natural grass and landscape as the floor, rather than installing flooring!


Photo: Ryan Ray


Sometimes all you need is a little draping to spruce things up! It really softens the entire scene. Plus, the draped greenery and colorful linens are such a beautiful pairing! A classic frame tent may look like a regular tent from the outside, but on the inside... there's so much potential! Marianne's Rentals has a large selection of frame tents in all sizes. 



A timbertrac tent holds all the elegance of a tent - just with a little rustic flare! The exposed beamwork and joints aren't just functional - they're full of character! Pair with classic farm chairs, printed linens and of course, all the flowers, for a wedding your guests won't forget. 


Photos: Brett Heidebrecht


Our cleartop tents are our most popular option for weddings. This downtown Oklahoma City wedding was the ideal location for a cleartop tent! All of the city lights shining through created a cozy glow that guests enjoyed. Cleartop tents look gorgeous with any style of decor - whether you use lots of color, or go for a more traditional, white look, the event design is sure to stand out against the tent!


We hope you've been inspired by these gorgeous tented events! To book a tent for your next event, call our showroom at 405-751-3100 today!