In House Series: Tent Warehouse

Posted 8/31/2018 by 40.
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It’s time to take you behind the scenes in the tent warehouse! It’s the time of the year when our tents are going in and out so fast we get whiplash. Tented festivals, outdoor weddings, corporate parties, athletic events - we’ve got tents for all of them and they are stored and maintained in the tent warehouse. We’re willing to admit, not everyone thinks this is as cool as us, but as some of our top grossing products, we know you guys love tents too!



The beauty of tents is that they go up and down when and where you need them. When they are down, this is what the parts look like in warehouse storage. These are just some of the frame pieces we use to make our various frame, kedered and structure tent options.



Our neatly wrapped cables sit ready to reinforce the frame. Keeping the warehouse clean and organized is a high priority for us. Our hardworking crews need to be able to gather their equipment quickly and reliably. It’s part of our standard of safety to make sure that tents are installed properly and completely. Did you know what some tent companies will rig tents together without pieces they have lost or damaged over the years? Our parts are continuously inventoried, maintained and accessible stored to ensure a high quality, safe installation for each and every customer.



These are tent tops and sidewalls rolled and ready to rent! We have a variety of colored and striped tops available, as well as the favorite white. Our tents are cleaned, repaired if needed, and neatly stored after each event. Some of our tent inventory specialists have been with us for decades. They know the product in and out, and take pride in maintaining it for our customers.

We hope you get the chance to enjoy one of our tents at an outdoor event this fall season! You can see more of these tents all put together in our Outdoor Festivals and Tented Weddings & Events Galleries online. Or, visit this popular blog post about our more unique tents!


Left Photo: Artesian Outdoor Festical | Upper Right Photo: Septemberfest | Lower Right Photo: Chickasaw Stickball Game in Tishomingo