How to design a social distancing wedding

Posted 5/13/2020 by 17.
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Everyone's asking, how do you design a social distancing wedding? Even wedding professionals, who've spent years squeezing through tightly packed throngs of loving friends and family at weddings are struggling with this question. Yes, we've seen some clever quarantine weddings. Our friends at PenWeddings shot one of the sweetest Oklahoma Pandenmic Weddings with a drive-up wedding where the groom surprised his bride with guests! 

But as restrictions lift, couples are still dreaming of the weddings of their dreams. And, they are trying to balance them with the need for safety. And we're all asking, how do you plan a social distancing wedding? Isn't the very nature of a wedding about intimacy and community? Depending on how far out you are planning, you may want to consider preparing for contingencies to keep a healthy wedding environment.

Think Outdoors: So far, only ONE case of COVID-19 transmission has been proven in an outdoor setting. In general, an open-air environment is just the safest. So, whether you choose to use a beautiful outdoor venue or your backyard if you can plan outdoor or indoor/outdoor environments, make that your Plan A! 

We've got the tents to make your space special and provide some shade from the summer sun. Here, a small tent was used to shelter food for an all outdoor reception. Clever and beautiful! If you don't have land available, we've got ideas for Oklahoma venues that accommodate outdoor setups and tent events well. Just ask our team for advice.

Image: Carsyn Abrams | Design: Southern Charm Events | Venue: Private Property

Think Smaller: We know, it's hard. But this is a perfect time to evaluate your truly close family and friends. The people who you trust and they trust you; the ones who you really value sharing these special memories with.  If you are looking for a big party, this isn't it. Don't cancel it, just wait. Consider planning to celebrate your first anniversary with a big party, sharing your wedding video and images with those who you couldn't invite! Remember, smaller doesn't mean less special. You can read more about this on our related post "Celebrate Small!"

Here is a beautiful ceremony set up for about 30, which allowed this couple to use a unique space and create a gorgeous setup for their close friends and family. 

Image: Amanda Watson Photography | Design: Aisle Be With You | Venue: The Skirvin | Floral: Tony Foss Flowers 

This stunning tent event is for just 36. What an intimate, beautiful atmosphere these rentals created!

Image: Traina Photography | Design: Aisle Be With You | Venue: Cole's Garden | Floral: Poppy Lane Design

Think Creatively: First dances are a go! But crowded dance floors won't be. So, if some traditional moments are on hold, don't be afraid to use this weirdness to really do something that reflects your personality as a couple! We love this pool party reception that bride Jane Kelly threw last year after her intimate wedding!

Image: Choate House | Design: Inspire Events | Venue: Private Property | Floral: New Leaf

Think Safety: Our experts are happy to help you space plan in backyards, fields, tents and more! If there's one thing we've got in Oklahoma, it's land. Instead of maxing out tables at 10, they are beautiful when dressed for 6 as in the tent image above. If desired, you can take distancing to the next level with 72" round tables (we've got plenty) to ensure a full six feet across from guests. We recommend setting this table for 8 instead of the 10-12 it is typically set for.

The safety concept applies to every aspect of hosting an event, and it's work to think through. You may not have the experience to be able to do it confidently in every area. For example, consider avoiding buffet-style food service. Family style is a good option if you are seating family groups together, or a seated served dinner. Work with professionals who are thinking through best practices for their craft and take their advice to heart!

Image: Amanda Watson Photography | Design: Judy Lehmbeck | Floral: The Fleuriste | Venue: Private Property