Find Inspiration For Your Childrens Birthday Party

Posted 10/26/2021 by 7.
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Over the last couple of years, kids' birthday parties have become bigger and bigger and we can’t get enough of them! From picnics to slumber parties, we love being able to celebrate and help make their birthdays the best day ever! Scroll to see how cute our rentals look at kids parties!

If you’re wanting to include signage, like this pastel rainbow party at Aspen Ranch did, our Acrylic Sheet would be the perfect addition. Easy to customize, this clear acrylic would add a unique touch to the theme of your party. Sitting on top of our Cora Vintage Buffet, it was the perfect way to show off the sweet treats!

Photo: Kelsey Lanae Photography | Acrylic Sheet, Cora Vintage Buffet

We all know kids can get hungry during their parties, and what better way to showcase their snacks on our Olivia Vintage Coffee Table? It’s a win-win for everyone! The perfect height for kids to grab snacks and pleasing to the eye for parents.

Photo: Danielle Villemarette | Olivia Vintage Coffee Table

This dreamy picnic birthday party makes our heart melt – it’s so cute! Our Children’s Table is the perfect size for all of your children’s friends to sit and spend quality time together during their party! What better way to celebrate?

Photo: Danielle Villemarette | Children’s Table


Photo: Sherry Lynch | Boxwood Hedge

This dinosaur third party was such a fun day, we’re still not over it! Our Boxwood Hedge was the best backdrop for all the pictures. Whether your party is big or small, our rentals can help make it the best day ever! Call our showroom at (405) 751-3100 to set up an appointment and see our showroom for yourself!