Featured Product: Boxwood Wall

Posted 4/8/2020 by 17.
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We know, you know boxwood. It's been a customer favorite for several years now at Marianne's Rentals. And with good reason! This versatile piece brings welcoming height and life, elevating all kinds of things to literal new heights - it's available in 4', 5', 8' and 9.5' tall. Looking for creative ways to use it? Keep scrolling because we've listed our favorites to date right here!


One popular use for Boxwood Hedges is a focal point for your entry. The size of the hedge naturally creates an impactful space that can be used to display communication for guests. We hung our neon phrase sign "so glad you're here" on two hedges, totaling 10' wide, to create a welcoming statement! At the time of publication, this product is not online, but yes - we offer standard and customized neon sign solutions for this and other applications!

Image: Valerie Wei-Haas Photography | Floral: Tony Foss Flowers

Often imitated, but never duplicated, our Boxwood is strong enough to sturdily mount heavy items in a freestanding space. It made the perfect surface to mount this acrylic seating chart. Because it is fully finished and can be viewed from all sides, the designer took the opportunity to use the other side as a photo booth backdrop, keep scrolling to see it further down!

Image: Ashley Sunderland | Design: Gracie Storey | Floral: Poppy Lane Design

Did you know we have 5 of these? Set end to end, we can create a total of 25' of boxwood hedge. It goes even further when interspaced with step-and-repeat banners, like this impressive red carpet entrance!

Design: About Last Night... Event Planning | Image: Marianne's Rentals


We are crazy about these bubbly and boxwood pairings! What a great way to make a statement with a traditional pour-over. There's just something about champagne and boxwood that seems to be a perfect match. We recommend doing this right before toasts and sharing with your wedding party. 

Image: Susan Alyse | Design: Aisle Be With You | Floral: Poppy Lane Design | Venue: Coles Garden 

Image: Melissa Marshall | Design: Aisle Be With You | Floral: Poppy Lane Design

If you are needing to serve a few more, our boxwood is still ready to bring the bubbly! Our customizable champagne shelf solution can hold up to 60 glasses per hedge and we can serve up to 180. It's a wonderful solution for cocktail hours and champagne receptions. 

Image: A.W Photography | Design: Southern Charm | Venue: The Baumberhof | Catering: Cafe 7

And the truth is, bubbly isn't the only beverage you can serve from boxwood. Our Boxwood bar surround is another gorgeous use of the hedge, using the 4' panels. It has a beautiful acrylic top for service. Can we just take a moment and acknowledge this beautiful bride and that dress! One of our favorite Park House moments for sure.

Image: Dani G Photography | Design: Fete | Floral: XO by Haleigh Kenney


It's clear, boxwoods make beautiful pictures! Not only do they make great design statements in a room, but they can also easily be utilized throughout an event as an engaging, memory-making opportunity as a photo booth backdrop. Here you can clearly see the boxwood shown with it's optional white "planter." The planter allows the boxwood to be elevated to it's full 9.5' height. We love this gorgeous custom monogram displayed this way!

Image: Randy Coleman | Design: Aisle Be With You | Floral: Tony Foss | Venue: Sparrow Beginnings

This image is one of our most popular of all time. It happens to be the backside of the seating chart shown earlier. This clever couple really made the most of their design investment. The photos from this photo booth are universally appreciated!

Image: Ashley Sunderland | Design: Gracie Storey | Floral: Poppy Lane Design

Another multi-purpose photo booth, this is one of our favorite floral installations on Boxwood. In addition to entertaining, memory making, the boxwood hides unsightly signage at the venue and created an entrance opportunity for the event!

Image: Robby and Savannah | Design & Floral: June Sixteenth Events | Photobooth: PartyBox

Regardless of how you choose to use boxwood, it's a beautiful complement to any room. When used right, it could be one of your most valued decor investments. While we've sure gathered a lot of favorites, there are so many other great ones and more to come. We'd love to collaborate with you on a beautiful boxwood moment!

Image: Ashley Sunderland | Design: Gracie Storey | Floral: Poppy Lane Design