Featured Event: City Care's The Odyssey Project

Posted 1/15/2020 by 17.
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It's an honor to highlight The Odyssey Project, a fundraising event for City Care we were privileged to participate in last fall. In its third year, this event at The Tower Theater supports City Care's mission of changing the course of intergenerational poverty in Oklahoma City. 

Not only does the event have a meaningful mission, but it was also beautifully and appropriately executed in support of that mission, something we have to applaud in the event industry. We knew, based on their selections, that the organizers had a unique vision for the event's atmosphere. When we got the pictures back, we were even more impressed! 

The creative use of the venue's assets, combined with creative rental selections and styling was incredibly successful! We're so honored to have a presence there and wish the organization continued success with its important mission. If you'd like to learn more about City Care, the programs they offer to our homeless neighbors, or how and why you should get involved, visit their website at

Images: Madison Rae | Venue: Tower Theater