Editorial Feature: Taking the Lead

Posted 10/15/2018 by 17.
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Our mother-daughter leadership team is featured in this article from InTents magazine highlighting female professionals in a male-dominated industry. We're proud of them for their contribution and leadership in our company and community!
As a woman business owner, Marianne Long was the first woman to bring tents to the Oklahoma market. Now, Marianne's Rentals has a thriving tent business and is known for providing clean, safe, reliable tenting for everything from backyard parties to major festivals.
Her daughter, Jennifer Rodriguez is the company's General Manager, actively managing all aspects of daily sales and operations. She's a leader in more than just tents for our company! This quote from the article absolutely embodies her leadership philosophy:
“Remember, just because you’re in the tent industry doesn’t necessarily mean your position is on the front lines raising tents into the air,” she says. “Your position as leader goes beyond that. You must understand what it takes for your crews to work the front lines. But your value in leadership is what you bring to the entire team.”
As we sit in the middle of another busy fall tent season, we're thankful for her calm leadership of our team and for Marianne's active expertise and support in our company. You can read the entire article here!