Celebrating 35 Years of Marianne's Rentals

Posted 3/2/2021 by 7.
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We are so excited to share our 35th anniversary with everyone! Especially coming off of a year that has tested our resolve beyond measure. Our employees who show up and work hard every day and our wonderful clients are why we’ve made it here, 35 years later. 


Most people think of Marianne’s Rentals as a large company. Common comments are “you have everything” or “who else would have all these items?” While we’re grateful for where we’re at, we want people to know where we’ve been -  a small business with less than 600 square feet of room, to start! Our family’s story is the history of this company. What started off as a small, nugget of an idea, has grown through the years into who we are today. A lot of hard work, tears, and determination through trying times from our family and team members is what brought us here. 


Our Story

“In the beginning,” - as Marianne likes to say - there was a small tool company owned by Marianne’s father-in-law. Bert’s Rental Center was a tool rental store that serviced Bethany and the OKC metro area. In 1986, Marianne and her then-husband converted the business into Northwest Party and Wedding Rentals. Their inventory was half party equipment and half tool equipment. Working with such different clientele was a challenge, and as the company grew and acquired inventory from a closing rental company, the decision was made to split the company! From there, Bert’s Party and Wedding Rentals was born. A showroom and warehouse were purchased on Britton Road that served as the main business location for 18 years. After a surplus of new inventory, extra storage facilities and lots of life later, the business had established itself as one of the best party rental companies in Oklahoma! And, finally, in 1991, the company’s name was changed to Marianne’s Rentals for Special Events - the brand you know and love. 



Since then, so much has changed for our company. We’d love to share a quick timeline of some of our proudest accomplishments with you:

1992: Our large warehouse was purchased, which now serves as the main headquarters for company inventory today.

2000: Jennifer, Marianne’s daughter begins her career at Marianne’s Rentals, eventually earning the title of *TITLE*.

2001: Our tent warehouse was built. 

2004: We begin manufacturing our own linens, setting Marianne’s Rentals apart from the rest with the largest linens selection in Oklahoma. 

2006: Our main showroom and office space was purchased.

2012: New warehouses were built for our expanding inventory, yet again!

2015: IES lighting company was purchase, expanding our services into lighting.

2016: The prop department was created, offering clients custom products that most suppliers don’t have the ability to.

2016: We began Tablescapes, a membership-only service which offers planers and venues custom installation of linens, centerpiece decor, chair treatments, and place settings. 

2017: We began to build our vintage rental inventory, after the purchase of competing rental suppliers.

2019: Our large expansion project was underway with the additions of a new tent warehouse and 3 other buildings...


And then, in the spring of 2020, the world ended. The industry came to a screeching halt. Our company and team members have been challenged in more ways than we could have ever imagined or prepared for. 


But as March of 2021 is arriving, the time for reflection has never been more important. Not only are we reflecting on the last year that we have endured, but also on the last 35 years as a company and family. The lessons we have learned through the past have taught us so much about ourselves. We gratefully reflect on the Marianne’s Rentals family. Not just the team that we have worked with for so long, but the actual families that are working here. We are proud to have 2nd generation team members whose parents began a career at Marianne’s Rentals. This new generation brings new perspectives and fresh energy to our team, and those who have been with us for so long bring their wisdom which is so valued as we navigate these times. Our own family members are also inspiring - Marianne, Jennifer and their husbands - looking after their responsibilities with care daily. We are who we are because of our team members and their families that come to work every day and give it everything that they have. 


Looking back on the years, we can see how our dedication to educating our team, taking the safety of our team members seriously, learning more about the rental industry and taking care of our products and customers has helped guide our growth. We carry memberships with national organizations that offer continuing education in our specific industry as well as access to vendors that support us with our products as we continue to grow. Our managers are Certified Event Rental Professionals. As we look to the future, we are excited, optimistic and ready to take on any event - no matter how small or large - with confidence that the men and women that make up this family will execute anything that comes our way. We are excited to see where the next 35 years take us!