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Posted 5/6/2020 by 17.
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There is a reason we celebrate special occasions together. It's in our DNA to memorialize them with a gathering of those we love and cherish! We build memories around milestones and shared experiences. Now as we eagerly, but cautiously, begin to gather in our post-pandemic society, we are seeing questions we think we have some insight on based on years of helping you create special event solutions with rentals:

  • How do I balance the size of the event with its importance?
  • How do I pivot my big event dreams to a small event?
  • How do I manage a special celebration on a small budget?

We've got some real experience to bring to this conversation! Because, while we are collectively asking these questions in larger numbers, they are ALWAYS relevant questions to someone. Usually, it's because someone feels like they can't afford to create the event they dreamed of - that's no new problem. We have focused rental solutions to help you answer them now, more than ever before.

How do I balance the size of the event with its importance?

First of all, we believe that every occasion is worth celebrating! And, no one says you have to do it right away. Do it when you can gather those who are most important to you in the best way. Just focus on your why, what and who. Those are always more important than where or when.

Thanksgiving is possibly our favorite holiday. It's when American's come together just to be thankful for each other and their blessings. It seems like, whether you canceled a baby shower, postponed a wedding or not, we've all got a lot to be thankful for right now. Hey, we all celebrated Easter a little differently this year, didn't we?

Thanksgiving happens to be one of our busiest weeks of the year at Marianne's Rentals because no gathering is too small to make special! Our customers routinely find that whether they just need one table and 6 chairs or they want to dress up their dining room table with pretty linens, we've got great choices in every price point, with no minimums! Belated Easter anyone?

How do I pivot my big event dreams to a small event?

This one might require a whole other blog, and we aren't here to tell you we are event planners. We're not. But there are a lot of clever ideas out there. Make an appointment to tour our showroom to see ideas for children's parties, backyard weddings and social gatherings that can work for you! We've seen everything from creative engagements to elopements happening during gathering bans that are intimate. You may want to seek advice from an event planner. We've certainly had the pleasure of working with many during quarantine who have executed creative pivots for their clients. We'd love to recommend someone who is a good fit for you!

Details matter! Design by Aisle Be With You Weddings for an intimate anniversary celebration

We've been saying for years that the best way to create the event of your dreams in your budget is to invite less people! We're already seeing beautiful plans pivot to intimate weddings that are (or are going to be) incredibly meaningful. Take a minute to process the disappointment and then refocus on how much farther your budget goes with less people and how much MORE meaningful you can make the experience for everyone there.

How do I manage a special celebration on a small budget?

We'd like to remind you that it's not how many people you are gathered with or how much you spend that makes the event special. It truly is about who you are with! That being said, doing something out of the ordinary with those people helps us give the occasion importance. It can be as simple as passing a special toast in a beautiful glass or knowing that you don't have to do the dishes afterward (that's right, they come clean and you can send them back dirty - just food-free please!). Or having matching chairs - we have choices starting at $1!

Our rental consultants are trained in helping you evaluate where you can spend your budget to create the most of what you have. Don't be afraid to ask us! Budgets are relative to you and we've seen them ALL. There's no judgment here and we are experts in helping people decide where to spend that $xx you have to make things special without asking you for more. The more honest we are with each other, the more we can help you. We want to help you with special event solutions that are right for you! We want you to feel like every dollar you spend is a valuable investment in your memories. 

A backyard tent creates a special place in your everyday space!

Celebrating an anniversary with their son, this beautiful setup wasn't too much to create memories for three!

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