Behind the Scenes: Dishes

Posted 10/10/2018 by 40.
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We’re excited to give our first behind the scenes tour of the dishes warehouse! As we are rolling into the holiday entertaining season, the dishes department is a busy place. Our customers find dish rentals a convenient and cost-efficient way both to practically serve and impress their guests. Did you know that renting dishes is regulated by the health department for sanitary food service? We clean and sanitize all of our dishes. When they are ready to rent, they are ready to use!



Our dishes are then packed and stored for rental, neatly stacked in towers and on shelving. We call the aisles in the dishes warehouse “streets” - it’s like being surrounded by skyscrapers made of dishes! With dozens of patterns, styles, and colors to choose from across a variety of serving, catering and tabletop categories, an organized dishes warehouse is just as important as a clean one.



Our dishes manager, Sergio, is one of the most valued employees at Marianne’s Rentals. With over 24 years of experience here, he knows the inventory inside and out. He is the mastermind behind keeping the warehouse clean and organized so that when our customers need to rent dishes for parties large or small, they can be quickly located and delivered. He also expertly manages the flow of dirty to clean dishes so that orders are pulled accurately and on time. Here, Sergio is pictured with our owner, Marianne Long.



After you’ve used our dishes at your party or event, you get to return them dirty (but food free please!) Just pack them up in the racks and crates and we’ll take care of the rest. First, every single piece gets counted back into inventory and inspected. We work hard to guarantee that chipped or broken pieces are identified and removed from inventory after every event. This ensures that we have what we say we do and that our dishes inventory is the highest quality available.


Image: Amanda Watson Photography | Designer: Aisle Be With You

Our hardworking second in command in the dishes department is Daniel. Besides offering our customers cheerful and efficient service at the back door and helping Sergio run things smoothly, Daniel personally inventories every single dirty dish. So please do rinse them, he appreciates it! We appreciate Daniel. His hard work and reliability are a key part of what makes our dishes department a success.



Visit our Food and Beverage service category to explore what the department has to offer you for your next party, big or small. From unique serving pieces to practical forks and glassware, we can offer a variety of dish rental solutions. We hope you’ve enjoyed this behind the scenes tour. Perhaps you’d also like to visit the Food and Beverage or Place Setting galleries for inspirational photos and ideas for using these items!