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New Order Update

Posted 11/4/2021 by Mariannes Rentals
You deserve an exceptional experience with Marianne’s Rentals! With the high demand in rental orders, we are putting new order protocols in place to better serve our customers. Please review our new guidelines to ensure Marianne’s is able to fulfill your order for your next event or celebration:  General Rules  We are no longer accepting next day orders UNLESS it’s tables and chairs. New orders must be placed a minimum of one full business day in advance. Will...Continue Reading >>

Colorful Garden Party

Posted 7/29/2022 by Mariannes Rentals
Why chose just one color when you can have them ALL? We have fallen head over heels for this colorful garden inspiried reception! If you're a bride still deciding the season of your big day... let this be fair warning, these photos might just convince you to have a spring/summer soiree!  photo: dvandco | Caprice Linen: Pink, Chiavari Chair: Gold Wood, Diana Glass Collection, Fiori Gold Flatware, Hammered Glass Plate, Taffeta Linen: Cornflower Blue, Heirloom...Continue Reading >>

Featured Event: Secret Garden Wedding

Posted 7/22/2022 by Mariannes Rentals
Planning an outdoor garden wedding? Do we have the inspiration for you! The outdoor setup, designed in hues of ivory, dusty blue, butterscotch and toffee, was picture perfect! photo: Erin Wilson Photography | Chiavari Chairs: White Risen Our Chiavari Chairs: White Risen at this ceremony set the scene for the bright, airy, and whimsical atmosphere! These classic chairs can be added smoothly to any ceremony space with just about any vibe!  photo: Erin Wilson Photography...Continue Reading >>