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Featured Product: The Raegan Bar

Posted 6/8/2021 by Mariannes Rentals
Introducing… the Raegan Bar! This bar is exactly what you need at your next OKC event. The neutral color allows you or your event designer to use it for any style of soiree! Pair it with a fun backdrop, backbar, large floral arrangements, a neon sign or MORE to personalize it! Bars don’t have to be used exclusively for serving alcohol. We love when our clients get creative and turn their bar rental into something fun! Use the Raegan Bar for a soda pop bar, dessert bar or favors bar! A...Continue Reading >>

Featured Product: Draping

Posted 6/1/2021 by Mariannes Rentals
  Marianne’s Rentals is proud to have a large inventory of drape rentals! Draping can be used on it's own, or with pipe! Pipe and drape is one of the most transformative rentals for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties and more! A pipe and drape rental can completely change the way an event space looks! If a room is too large for your small event, use pipe and drape to create a cozier space for guests! There are so many more ways to use this amazing rental - use a pipe and drape...Continue Reading >>