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Planning Events in an Uncertain World

Posted 4/22/2020 by Mariannes Rentals
Large and small, events require some degree of planning and preparation. Let's review some tips and strategies about how to plan a gathering in an uncertain future, because life isn't canceled! First in a series!Continue Reading >>

Event Decor Lighting 101

Posted 12/29/2019 by Mariannes Rentals
Just what is Event Decor Lighting? Why should you have it and what does it include? Learn what it is and get helpful tips in evaluating the real difference between Event Decor Lighting Rentals and a hiring Lighting Production Team.Continue Reading >>

Furniture Fridays: Farm Table Mahogany

Posted 12/27/2019 by Mariannes Rentals
Our classic Mahogany Farm Table has been an honored guest at so many celebrations. Get ready for a scroll down memory lane as we celebrate this family favorite!Continue Reading >>

Featured Wedding: Elizabeth + Cody

Posted 12/26/2019 by Mariannes Rentals
Elizabeth and Cody did something a little different with their wedding celebration by throwing a later reception for friends after their intimate family ceremony. And it was a beautiful party!Continue Reading >>

Furniture Fridays: Elizabeth

Posted 12/20/2019 by Mariannes Rentals
Too stuffy or just right for romance? We think there's evidence to prove that Elizabeth is the perfect supporting character for your moments in the making!Continue Reading >>

Featured Wedding: Emma + Travis

Posted 12/13/2019 by Mariannes Rentals
Emma and Travis's gorgeous wedding is the honest product of trust in their designer and vendors to execute the organic, modern barn wedding they asked wanted. The result was pure magic, just like them!Continue Reading >>