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New Order Update

Posted 11/4/2021 by Mariannes Rentals
You deserve an exceptional experience with Marianne’s Rentals! With the high demand in rental orders, we are putting new order protocols in place to better serve our customers. Please review our new guidelines to ensure Marianne’s is able to fulfill your order for your next event or celebration:  General Rules  We are no longer accepting next day orders UNLESS it’s tables and chairs. New orders must be placed a minimum of one full business day in advance. Will...Continue Reading >>

Thanksgiving Dinner Inspo

Posted 10/21/2022 by Mariannes Rentals
We are almost one month away from Thanksgiving dinner and festivities! If you are hosting your family and friends this year or planning a gathering of any kind, we've rounded up a few of our top pics of the season!  Nothing says Thanksgiving like our Velveteen Linen in Copper but we have a range or colors and deigns to fit your unique thanksgiving day aesthetic! Our Braided Lacquer Charger in Brown and White with Double Gold Band are two stunning place setting...Continue Reading >>

Halloween Inspo

Posted 10/18/2022 by Mariannes Rentals
Spooky season is right around the corner and we've got what you need for the dark and moody festivities!  If you're planning a party, dinner, photoshoot, or a wedding next Halloween season then you’re in the right place!  We recommend going with our Veronica Vintage Sofa  for the ultimate dark and vintage look. Not only does it make a statement in any space but it also provides comfortable seating for your guests!  If you’re going for black theme we’ve got...Continue Reading >>

Featured Event: Kayle +Taylor at Aspen Ranch

Posted 9/23/2022 by Mariannes Rentals
The Deckard Wedding at Aspen Ranch was definitely one for the books! This beautiful blush day was the perfect way to close out our summer wedding season. We love the way the colors in the flowers and decor look in the classic — white, bright, and airy reception space! Photo: Emily Nicole Photography | Western 90 x 156: Spa, Pandora Napkin: Rose, Clear Lacquer Charger with Gold Rim Photo: Emily Nicole Photography | Western 90 x 156: Spa, Pandora Napkin: Rose, Clear...Continue Reading >>

Fall Festival Inspiration

Posted 8/9/2022 by Mariannes Rentals
Fall Festival season is right around the corner and nomatter what type of event you are hosting, we've got what you need! Between our wide range of table sizes, linen colors, tent styles and more we have the largest event rental selection in Oklahoma! We provide OK events and festivals with tents, tables, chairs, linens, and all the pretty and practical things in between! Give us a call today to see what's in our showroom! High Peak Tent, Garden Chair in White Risen, Rectangular Table, Tent...Continue Reading >>

Summertime Picnic Inspiration

Posted 4/22/2022 by Mariannes Rentals
Sunny days and warm weather are here, which means picnic season is back in full swing! Picnics are the perfect unique date to add your own personal touches! Whether you are planning a picnic proposal, a date night in a beautiful garden, sunset watching with your bestfriend, or an intimate picnic party with a few friends — check out our essential picnic picks!  Our Marigold Vintage Rug is a comfortable and fun option with the most perfect summer colors! Add some funky pillows that tie...Continue Reading >>